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Dear user,

Welcome to noxo forum, to avoid the problem on the forum, I recommend you that you read this short but important rules.

1 - It is strictly forbidden to insult to the noxo team or to other users using offensive language.

2 - Are prohibited the comments containing racist, sexist, political, religious, discriminatory and/or comments that may impair a certain way to noxo

3 - Is totally prohibited do SPAM (post with a word or sign, out of place, incoherent post repeated, post in old threat etc..).

4 - DonĀ“t write in capitals letters. Only permitted, highlight certain words that are necessary for any reason.

5 - If you post or create a topic in the wrong section, your post will be deleted without previous advice.

6 - It is strictly forbidden to put any personal information, such as email, name, phone number, etc..

7 - Members dont post any Ref Link or any other site link in the forum then your post will be deleted for maximum 3times but if any members do it the same things on the 4th times he/she can Ban so please remember it.

8 - You must write in English in all the section of the forum, except the General Forum section and payment proof. If you post in other languages your post will be deleted without advice.

Any post that violates one of these rules will be deleted without advice,

With Best Regards
Moderator of noxo
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