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Signup Offers rules
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noxo (Admin)
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Hello All

We review with you noxo Signup Offers rules
Noxo not pay the amount of offers, the advertiser is the one who pays
Noxo not reject offers or confirm offers. Advertiser rejects or confirms this.

1- Advertisers:
- The Offer must be well-defined .
- You should review your offer regularly and ensure that the offers are executed.
- In case you rejected the offer , you must explain the reason for the rejection.
- In case you confirm the offer. The amount can not be returned from the member.
If you do not take action with the offers within 7 days, the offers will be automatically confirmed in favor of the member.

2- Members:
- Read the offers well before sending them to the advertiser.
- Do not send incomplete offers, you will be automatically denied the completion of the offers later.
- After you send complete offers , please wait while it is reviewed by the advertiser.
If you think you have completed the offers but the advertiser has declined to pay you, you can open a complaint through the button on the Offers page. We will review your complaint with the advertiser.

3- Complaints:
- member can open a complaint about the offers and explain the reasons for the complaint by (contact support).
- We will contact the advertiser and explain the problem.
- Members should not comment on advertiser responses unless we ask you to do so.
The response to the complaint must not exceed 7 days.
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Hello Dear Member,

This is a great decision taken by our admin, I hope all the members & Advertiaer are satisfied with this decision.

With Best Regards,
Moderator of Noxo.
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gerçekten çok açık bir anlatım var. Herkese kolay gelsin
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ok thanks
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Thann you
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